5 easy spring hikes near Munich

Spring hikes near Munich

Spring finally arrived in Munich, the temperatures have already hit 20 degrees, the blossoms are blooming and it’s finally possible again to spend more time outside – perfect for the first hike of the year. In this blog post I’ll show you five easy spring hikes near Munich in Upper Bavaria.

Content of ‘5 easy spring hikes near Munich’:

1. What needs to be considered when doing a spring hike?

2. 5 easy spring hikes in the Munich countryside
2.1 Jochberg (1565 m) at Lake Walchen
2.2 Hirschhörnlkopf (1515 m) at Lake Walchen
2.3 Neureuth (1264 m) at Lake Tegernsee
2.4 Riederstein (1207 m) at Lake Tegernsee 
2.5 Hochalm (1428 m) at the Sylvenstein lake

3. What equipment do you need for a spring hike in the Munich countryside?

4. More hikes around Munich and Bavaria

What needs to be considered when doing a spring hike near Munich?

In March, April and even May there is still snow on the peaks in the area near Munich. If you still want to do a hike without special snow or winter equipment, I’d recommend choosing a peak that is not higher than 1500 metres. This doesn’t guarantee that you won’t have to cross some snow once in a while, but these parts are usually limited to shady, north-facing sections. 

In addition to altitude, you should also pay attention to the weather forecast. If the weather forecast is ambiguous, if there is a certain chance of rain or snow, or if the temperature is freezing, I do not recommend a hike – unless you are experienced and equipped for a winter hike. So it’s better to check the weather forecast beforehand and only go hiking when conditions are dry. After all, it’s most fun when the sun is shining and the sky is blue, isn’t it?

A good source for checking snow conditions at the summit are webcams. Most popular peaks have cameras that can be viewed live via various websites.

Your equipment should also be adapted to the conditions in spring. I’ll explain exactly what you need below. For now, I’ll show you 5 easy spring hikes in the Munich area.

5 easy spring hikes near Munich

1. Hike to Jochberg (1565 m) at Lake Walchen

The hike to Jochberg guarantees a magnificent view of Lake Walchen. There is a reason why this hike in the Bavarian Alpine Foreland is so popular. The 750 metres in altitude might be a bit exhausting for the one or the other, especially if it’s their first hike of the year. But all the effort is quickly forgotten once you reach the summit. Coupled with sunshine and blue skies, you can easily spend an hour at the summit cross looking out over the Walchensee and enjoying the breathtaking surroundings. 

Summary of the hike to the Jochberg:

Summit: Jochberg (1565 m)
Distance: 10 kilometers
Metres in altitude: 750 meters
Duration: approx. 10 kilometers
Parking: Kesselbergstraße 7, 82431 Kochel  
Stop for refreshments: Jocheralm (however, this is not open until mid-May)

Link to detailed route: https://www.bergtour-online.de/bergtouren/bergwanderungen/leicht/wanderung-jochberg-walchensee/  

2. Hike to Hirschhörnlkopf (1515 m) at Lake Walchen

The Hirschhörnlkopf is located next to the Jochberg and both hikes and views from the summit are very similar. The big advantage of this hike is that it is less well-known than the Jochberg hike. Therefore the trail and summit will be less crowded than on the Jochberg. A special tip for those who want to enjoy the equally magnificent view of the Walchensee in peace: Do not sit down at the very top of the summit cross for a snack, but somewhere on the meadow between the Bärenhauptalm and the summit. Because the view is very similar during the last metres of altitude.

Summary of the hike to the Hirschhörnlkopf

Summit: 1515 metres
Distance: 9 or 12 kilometres depending on the descent
Metres in altitude: 750 hm
Duration: Ascent 2:15; descent 2 – 2.5 hours depending on route
Stop for refreshments: none
Parking: Dorf 71/8, 83676 Jachenau

Link to detailed route: https://www.bergtour-online.de/bergtouren/bergwanderungen/leicht/hirschhornlkopf/ 

3. Hike to Neureuth (1264 m) at Lake Tegernsee

The hike to the Neureuth is a true classic and very popular. The hike is somewhat easier than the two previous ones at Lake Walchen and is ideal for a leisurely Sunday hike with a stop at the sunny terrace of a mountain hut. In addition, the entire hike is on a wide forest road, while the hikes to the Jochberg and the Hirschhörnlkopf also include steep sections and tracks. After about an hour, you have reached the Neureuth and its beautiful mountain hut with a large sun terrace and can enjoy the view of Lake Tegernsee from here. 

If you want to hike a little further, you can extend the hike to the Gindelalm.

Summary of the hike to the Neureuth:

Summit: Neureuth (1264 m)
Distance: approx. 5 km
Metres in altitude: approx. 300 hm
Duration: 1 hour ascent; 1:15 descent 
Stop for refreshments: Berggasthof Neureuth (note: only open from May).
Parking: Neureuthstraße 60, 83684 Tegernsee

Link to detailed route: https://www.bergtour-online.de/bergtouren/bergwanderungen/leicht/wanderung-neureuth/ 

4. Hike to Riederstein (1207 m) at Lake Tegernsee 

A nice alternative to the very popular hike to Neureuth at Lake Tegernsee is the hike to Riederstein. The ascent is very similar and is mostly on a wide, gently ascending forest path. Only to reach the summit you have to climb some stairs. The view of Lake Tegernsee from the summit cross and the few people you meet on this hike quickly compensate for the stairs.

I wrote a whole blogpost about this hike: https://ready-steady-travel.com/easy-hike-in-tegernsee/ 

Summary of the hike to Riederstein: 

Summit: Riederstein (1207 m)
Distance: approx. 7 km
Metres in altitude: approx. 400 hm
Duration: 2.5 hours ascent, 1.5 hours descent 
Stop for refreshments: None
Parking: Sonnleitenweg 16, 83684 Tegernsee 

Link to detailed route: https://www.bergtour-online.de/bergtouren/bergwanderungen/leicht/riederstein-galaun/ 

5. Hike to Hochalm (1428 m) at the Sylvensteinsee lake

The hike to Hochalm takes you in the direction of the Sylvenstein reservoir and is somewhat more demanding than the two hikes at Lake Tegernsee. However, the 670 metres in altitude are doable for anyone with a certain basic level of fitness. The beauty of this hike is that the ascent is very scenic, as you always have a great view of the opposite peaks, which are still covered in snow. It’s mostly a small hiking trail rather than a big dirt road leading you up to the summit. 

I’ve written a detailed blog post about this hike, check it out here: https://ready-steady-travel.com/easy-hike-at-sylvenstein-lake/

Summary of the hike to the Hochalm: 

Summit: Hochalm (1428 m)
Distance: approx. 6 km
Metres in altitude: approx. 670 hm
Duration: 2 hours ascent; 1.5 hours descent
Stop for refreshments: none
Parking: Sylvenstein 1, 83661 Lenggries  

Link to detailed route: https://www.bergtour-online.de/bergtouren/bergwanderungen/leicht/hochalm/ 

What equipment do you need for a spring hike?

Special equipment is required for spring hikes, because at the latest at higher altitudes you will most likely encounter snow and the paths are often slippery and muddy due to the meltwater. Hiking poles are recommended especially on the descent, but also on steep sections during the ascent. If you want to protect your clothes, gaiters are also recommended.

It should also be noted that most huts do not open until May. So it’s better to pack enough snacks and drinking water. 

More hikes in the area around Munich and Bavaria

I hope I have been able to inspire you with this list of easy spring hikes in the area around Munich and in Upper Bavaria and that you have found a suitable hike for you? If you have tried one of the hikes, leave me a comment and tell me how it was. 

Have fun and don’t forget: Never stop exploring!

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