5 bathing lakes in the Allgäu that you certainly don’t know yet

Bathing lakes Allgäu - Freibergsee

The Allgäu is a true paradise for outdoor fans and nature lovers and is home to a large number of bathing lakes. Active people such as hikers, climbers and mountain bikers love this region. But the Allgäu is also an excellent destination for swimming and relaxing in summer.

In this blog post, I’ll introduce you to 5 rather unknown bathing lakes in the Allgäu that you certainly didn’t know about. Of course, the Allgäu has much larger and better-known lakes, such as the Alpsee or the Foggensee. However, these are very popular and well visited on hot summer days. Many people don’t know how many other bathing lakes there are in the Allgäu, which are smaller but often in a great location and much less frequented – great to just switch off for an afternoon.

1. Freibergsee in Oberstdorf, Upper Allgäu – hiking and bathing lake

Freibergsee is the largest high-mountain lake in the Allgäu with 18 ha of water and Germany’s southernmost natural swimming pool. After a short 30-minute hike, you reach the bathing lake from the car park through a wide shady and partly steep hiking trail. In the morning hours, you are rewarded with a magnificent reflection of the Allgäu High Alps (and the ski jump, which rises up behind the forest). The lake is very popular on hot summer days due to its easy accessibility and the natural swimming pool with restaurant. It is therefore worth coming in the morning and taking the lake circuit path to find your own bathing spot, away from the official natural pool area.

Freibergsee is very refreshing all year round, but you should not underestimate its high altitude. That’s why it’s best to come here in July or August, when the outside temperatures are nice and warm. 

Conclusion: A high mountain lake in a breathtaking setting that is accessible to everyone. 

The car park and the start of this hike is at the following address (for your sat nav): Renksteg car park, Birgsauer Str. 35, 87561 Oberstdorf. 

2. Alatsee in Füssen, East Allgäu – a stunning location

At Alatsee, the tourist hustle and bustle of Schwangau & Neuschwanstein has long been forgotten. Even most of the regional visitors tend to visit the bigger more-known lake Weißensee, which is somewhat easier to reach. 

But it is worth taking the winding road up to Alatsee. Or even better: take on a sweaty ride on a mountain bike or a hike with Lake Alat as the destination. A small circular path leads around the lake and there are regular sunbathing opportunities, bathing spots and places to sit. You can swim here all summer long and, with a bit of luck, even in September.

There are many legends and rumours about this lake. One, for example, says that at the end of the Second World War gold treasures from the German Reichsbank were sunk here. There is also said to be a deep hole in the middle where a monster hides. None of the rumours has come true yet. What is certain, however, is the unique atmosphere of this lake at an altitude of 843 metres.

Conclusion: A legendary mountain lake as a hiking destination or for swimming in summer.

There is a paid car park directly at the lake, which can fill up quickly on hot summer weekends. The address for your sat nav is: Saloberstraße, 87629 Füssen. It is best to plan a visit to the lake as part of a short hike or mountain bike tour. 

3. Lake Hopfen in Füssen, East Allgäu – a fancy bathing lake

Hopfensee has a particularly spectacular location with direct views of the Allgäu Alps, yet is easily accessible. For those who appreciate a little more infrastructure and would like to enjoy a sundowner directly at the lake after swimming or end the day with a romantic dinner at sunset, the Hopfensee is the right place. You can even pamper yourself for a whole weekend in one of the hotels with a spa right on the lake. Along the shore road in the north-east of the lake, a well-kept sunbathing lawn with direct parking is waiting for visitors – this also makes Lake Hopfen very attractive for SUP and boat owners. 

In addition to a swim stop, a wonderful circular path around the lake also invites you to get some exercise – always with a view of the breathtaking Allgäu mountain panorama – here you can quickly forget your everyday worries.

Conclusion: The Hopfensee in the Allgäu is like the Tegernsee for the people of Munich.

There is a small car park directly at the bathing area and at the same time on the circular path around the Hopfensee. The address for your sat nav is: Uferstraße 1, 87629 Füssen.

4. Großer Alpsee in Immenstadt, Upper Allgäu – bathing lake with a view

The Großer Alpsee near Immenstadt – not to be confused with the Alpsee near Füssen – has an impressive location directly within the mountain. 

A large sunbathing lawn is available to bathers here. And if this is too crowded for you, you can follow the circular path in a north-westerly direction and find small entry points into the lake and various benches away from the hustle and bustle. The lake has a sandy and sometimes gravel bottom, and slopes gently – ideal for families. Due to its east-west orientation and valley location, the wind conditions at the Großer Alpsee are ideal for windsurfers, kite surfers and sailors. But don’t worry, there is a generous swimming area separated from the rest of the lake. 

The Große Alpsee is also a great weekend destination. There are several hotels around the lake, easy to challenging hiking routes, as well as leisurely mountain bike tours. Here you can find an overview of various tours: https://www.alpsee-immenstadt.de/alpseegross.html 

Conclusion: A versatile lake where you can easily spend a whole weekend

There are various parking possibilities at the lake, e.g. directly at the sunbathing lawn: Lindauerstraße, 87509 Immenstadt im Allgäu.

5. Schwaltenweiher in Schwalten, East Allgäu – the classical bathing lake

The Schwaltenweiher is a wide and idyllic bathing lake. The Allgäu Alps are only 14 kilometres from the lake, which is why it is often called the “box seat in front of the Alps”. Due to its shallow depth of 4 metres and its not too high location, the pond is perfect as a bathing lake with pleasant temperatures throughout the summer. There is everything visitors could wish for, extensive sunbathing lawns, parking spaces and a restaurant. And active people also get their money’s worth: there is a beach volleyball court, rowing boat rental and a lake circuit path. 

If you are looking for a small weekend domicile, you can also book a holiday flat by the lake.

Conclusion: A classic bathing lake, perfect for an excursion with the whole family.

You can park directly at the lake, e.g. at this address (for the navigation system): Schwalten 2, 87637 Seeg

I hope you have found a destination for the first summer weekend of this year and you liked the 5 bathing lakes in the Allgäu, which you probably didn’t know yet? 

Do you know another lake that should not be missing from this list? Then leave me a comment and I’ll add it to the list.

And don’t forget: Never stop exploring!

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