How to get to the famous rock at Eibsee

Best hikes in Bavaria - Eibsee

If you are planning to go to Eibsee you have probably been inspired by one of the most famous picture spots at Eibsee: the little rock at the banks of the lake with the German Alps and Zugspitze, the highest mountain of Germany in the background.

This is truly a magical spot to be and especially in the morning very mystic when the surface of the water is standing still and the mountain scenery is reflecting in the water. Or in autumn when some mist is over the watersurface.

In this blog post I will tell you all you need to know about this famous rock at lake Eibsee, like the location, when is the best time of the day, when is the best time of the year and how to get there. So let’s get started.

Famous rock lake Eibsee

Best time of the day to go to the famous picture spot at Eibsee

Let’s start with timing as this is crucial. Like many places, the early morning is the best time to visit this picture spot. Because you have the chance for a magical sunrise, because usually, reflections in the water are mostly visible in the morning, and because there will be no other people. 

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How to get to the famous rock of Eibsee

Best time of the year to go to lake Eibsee

Which brings me to the best time of the year. Basically you can visit lake Eibsee throughout the whole year. But usually there is snow in winter which makes the lake almost disappear and also walking around the lake is not so easy anymore, so avoid December till February if you want to get to this famous rock of Eibsee. In summer, especially during German summer holidays in August und till mid of September, the lake is extremely busy by people who want to spend a relaxed day at a lake. However if you come in the early morning you will be able to avoid the crowds. But also keep in mind in August sunrise is around 5 a.m. which required getting up super early. Therefore the best time to visit the mentioned picture spot is probably spring or autumn.

How to get to the famous rock at lake Eibsee

So coming now the most crucial part of this article. How to get there. It is possible to choose the wrong route, so listen up! When arriving at the parking of the lake, you can go to the right or to the left. Both ways lead you to a path which goes all around the lake. This means around 7 kilometers. BUT if you are going to the wrong side it will take you way longer to get to the famous rock. So listen: After the parking, choose the right side (the signs would rather guide you to the left side, because there is the restaurant, the beer garden, the boat rental, but this is not where we want to go). So go to the right side and follow the main path for about 2 kilometers and then you need you find your way through the forest to get to the famous rock. More or less at the following location, you need to leave the official trail and walk closer towards the water:

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The best is probably to save the following location on your phone and then use your GPS to find it. But also without a phone you will find it. Just try to get to the banks of the lake after 2 kilometers on the main path and you’ll see already the little islands and will spot the rock.

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And after your photo shooting or “picture crazyness” as my boyfriend calls it, please sit down, put away your camera and your phone and enjoy. Inhale. Exhale. And feel how calm and beautiful it is to out there in nature. Basically you can spend the whole day at this lake. So please, promise me that you are not just going there to take pictures and then leave again, ok? Promised?

Famous rock at lake Eibsee
Famous rock at lake Eibsee

How to get to lake Eibsee

The easiest way is to get there by car. If you don’t have a car you can also take the train to Garmisch Partenkirchen and from the train station goes a bus to Eibsee. But probably the public option will not bring you to the lake early in the morning.

More picture spots at lake Eibsee

If you want to find more picture spot, head over to my other article about Eibsee:

Enjoy your time at Eibsee and especially the beauty of nature! And don’t forget: never stop exploring!

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