Easy mountain bike tour at Achensee – tour to Feilalm & Feilkopf

If you know me, you know that I love hiking. I’m not a mountain biker. I tried it a couple of times, but it is really really exhausting and if you don’t practice it regularly it is more exhausting than fun (at least for me). But nowadays with the electronic mountain bikes, it is so much more fun and even not so experienced bikers with not the best condition can actually do a mountain bike tour. Therefore I’ll show you an easy mountain bike tour at Achensee in this blog post.

But be warned: Doing a mountain bike tour with an e-mountain bike doesn’t mean it is not exhausting. Of course, the motor will support you, but cycling up-hill will still require a lot of effort from your side. 

Last time at lake Achensee, a very scenic lake in Austria with a very well established hotel industry, by the way, I was doing a short mountain bike tour with an amazing view. It only took me around 30 minutes to get up the mountain to a little restaurant with a stunning view of the whole lake and valley. This mountain bike tour at Achensee is even suitable to be done in the late afternoon. 

Easy mountain bike tour to Feilalm & Feilkopf

So this was the tour:

I was staying in the town of Pertisau, which I really recommend in general. From there you can hike or do a mountain bike tour to a hut called Feilalm (I was hiking there with my family – which you can read in this blog post).  From the town of Pertisau you have to take the main road leading towards the northwest and just follow. The road goes slightly up-hill. Just follow and you will leave the town and already get closer to the surrounding mountains. When approaching the mountains you will arrive at a parking lot, have a look at the signs and you will find the starting trail to „Feilalm“ on the left. Now the dirt road up-hill starts.

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From now on I needed the highest support of the engine of my bike and it was so much fun because I almost had a speed of 20 kilometers per hour up hill. Such a great feeling. And after few minutes you will already have the first great view on the lake and the whole Achensee valley. And all the way will stay as scenic as this. 

After around 20 or 25 minutes I arrived at a typical Austrian hut, called „Feilalm“ where you can take a break & eat. You will see that it is really quite easy mountain bike tour at Achensee. In the hut I recommend to try „Kaiserschmarn“ a Austrian version of pancakes is probably the easiest way to describe it. They also have sun loungers which are very convenient of a sunny day.

After relaxing half an hour more in the sun loungers there, I wanted to make it all the way to the top of the mountain called „Feilkopf“. It is just another 10 minutes ride to the summit cross. Definitely do that, because most people stop at Feilalm.

And you will be rewarded by this beautiful view which I had all for myself:

How to get to Achensee?

The best way to get to lake Achensee is by car. I’m not really aware of any public transportation. 

Where to rent a mountain bike?

Some hotels do have e-mountain bikes for rent. But sometimes they provide this service for guests only. Such as Hotel Travelcharm Fürstenhof, which I also recommend for staying. The location at the lake is excellent and they have a big spa area. At Sports2000 you can rent bikes or mountain bikes or e-mountain bikes in case your hotel doesn’t provide any.

Where to stay at lake Achensee?

As I mentioned in the beginning, the hotel industry at lake Achensee is excellent. There are many very well done, modern hotels. Not like this old, rustic hotels you might know from some ski areas. My favorite hotel at lake Achensee is Hotel Auszeit. This is a private a bit smaller hotel. It is very close to the lake but still in a quiet location and not at the main road where all the buses pass. 

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I hope you will like this easy mountain bike tour at Lake Achensee? If you know another one which is worth it to share, let me know in the comments below please and I can try it out next time. Lake Achensee is in general a very beautiful region for a relaxing stay in nature. In summer you can even swim in the lake. Most of the year you can go hike. Or just relax in the spa of your hotel and unwind.

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