Best accommodations in Siargao: Island resorts & more basic places – update 2023

Siargao is a paradise island with amazing accommodations, from luxury hotels & resorts to a big variety of mid-range hotels, but also some budget hostels of course – find the best accommodation or hotel for your purpose in this article.

Overview of this article:

Luxury Resorts:
Nay Palad Hideaway
Isla Cabana Resort

Mid-range hotels:
Bulan Villas
Surfing Caraboa
Buddha’s Surf Resort
Kawili Resort
Romantic Beach Villas

Budget accommodations:

90% of the tourism and accommodations in Siargao accumulate in General Luna, a town on the East coast of Siargao. Over the past years, many accommodations established in General Luna and the choice became bigger and bigger – also of island resorts in Siargao. In this blog post, I will point out all accommodations where we stayed and which I can recommend, as well as some more accommodations where we walked in and spent some time, like eating in their restaurant or joining their yoga classes. These include island resorts, little huts at the beach as well as Air BnB apartments. We didn’t stay in hostels, therefore I can’t recommend any good hostels.

LUXURY Island Resorts:  Nay Palad Hideaway

The ultimate and only luxury hotel in Siargao is Nay Palad Hideaway. This would be the place of my dreams if I could afford 1300 Euros a night. It is located in the South of General Luna, a bit isolated at the end of a headland. The place looked very high-end and is a very well maintained complex with bungalows tucked in a spacious coconut tree garden with pool and various corners to relax.

LUXURY Island Resorts: Isla Cabana Resort

Best accommodations in Siargao: Island resorts & more basic places

This place just opened in 2019 and is the only affordable luxury accommodation. It is located in the middle of General Luna, directly at the sea and has a sea-front pool. We didn’t sleep at this place but stayed one afternoon at the beach bar and pool (for a charge of 800 pesos) which was very nice. The complex looked very well maintained and is brand new.

LUXURY Island Resorts: Siargao Bleu Resort

When we walked into Siargao Bleu Resort during our search for a restaurant, we were just amazed: It is located directly at the beach with a stunning pool surrounded by little villas. Each guest has direct access to the pool from his terrace. This place looked truly beautiful and created almost a Maledive water villa feeling.  

MID-RANGE: Bulan Villas

Best accommodations in Siargao: Island resorts & more basic places
Best accommodations in Siargao: Island resorts & more basic places

Our favorite place in Siargao and what a lucky pick! Bulan Villas is the best accommodation we found in this price range. It is an upper-class accommodation for a reasonable price. This place has very very beautiful double rooms in boho-style with a balcony surrounding almost the whole room. The high-quality wooden floor and bed and linen pillows and egg chair on the balcony made it such a cozy place. And for such an affordable price. The wooden houses are tucked around a pool that we had for our own every day. Bulan Villas are located in the North of General Luna in a more quiet stretch of Tourism Road. And the best news is still to come: the owner is Italian and serves the best pizza in Southeast Asia in the restaurant which belongs to the Villas. Seriously this place is great and worth the extra euros!

MID-RANGE: Surfing Carabao Beach Houses

Best accommodations in Siargao: Island resorts & more basic places

UPDATE 2023: This place has closed unfortunately

This place is a 10 minutes drive South from Tourism Road in General Luna and located close to Nay Palad Hideaway. The friendly Finnish owner built 6 wooden and spacious bungalows of above-average quality directly at the beach. The owners are very helpful and the location of this place is very quite. They have some hammocks in between the palm trees at the beach and will have a very relaxed time there. Unfortunately, they don’t serve any food.

MID-RANGE: Buddha’s Surf Resort

This place has a lot to offer: a quite location, well-maintained and clean bungalows, surf lessons, yoga classes, hammocks & a very good Thai restaurant. We ate many times there for lunch and dinner and loved the authentic Thai food.

MID-RANGE: Kawili Resort

Kawili Resort is a small resort with few huts tucked in a garden with a pool in the middle and a terrace with roof to relax and hang out. It is located in the middle of General Luna and the staff is very friendly. They also offer yoga classes (which only take place if there are enough participants).

MID-RANGE: Romantic Beach Villas 

These bungalows are located directly at the beach and some more a bit closer to the streets. The rooms are clean but basic. The good thing about this place is that it has a pool right at the beach and a big breakfast buffet. They also serve food all day long which was always delicious. But the bad thing about this place: There was very loud music every night from one of the bars close-by. Not the fault of the Villas, but still annoying.


UPDATE 2023_

Kermit and Secret Spot seemed to be the „trendy“ hostel style places with dorms but also double rooms. But there are many more budget places, which are all located on the land-side of Tourism Road and not directly at the beach.

I hope you liked the choice of island resorts, mid-range accommodations and hostels in Siargao? If you know further great places worth to include in this list, let me know in the comments and I’m happy to share your tip and provide it to others.

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Best accommodations in Siargao: Island resorts & more basic places

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