How to get to Siargao in the Philippines

Getting to Siargao is not as easy as to other places in the Philippines. I will show you all the options how to get there.

But first the most important information: There are no direct flights to Siargao from any country outside of the Philippines.

Option 1 to get to Siargao: Direct flight from Manila

Philippines Airlines, as well as Cebu Pacific Air, offer direct flights to Siargao. Mostly there are 2 to 3 flights per day to Siargao. The prices vary strongly depending on the season and the short-term of booking and cost roughly between 60 and 120 Euros. The flight duration is 2.5 hours.

Option 2 to get to Siargao: Direct flight from Cebu

Cebu is the closes airport to Siargao and a flight only takes 1 hour. Cebu Pacific offers 2 to 3 direct flights a day to Siargao and it costs roughly between 30 and 70 Euros. 

Option 3 to get to Siargao: Flights with 1 stop from Singapore or Bangkok

The best and cheapest option to get to Siargao from another country in Southeast Asia is probably from Singapore and Bangkok. With a stop either in Manila or Cebu, you’ll be in Siargao in one day. But what you should know is that flights to and in the Philippines are often delayed. Meaning if you have bad luck and your flights are scheduled to close to each other you will risk missing your connecting flight. On our first trip to Siargao, we stayed one night in Cebu and Manila and took the flight to Siargao the next day to make sure not to miss it. On our second trip, we had 3 hours buffer time in between the flights which were just enough. 

Oh and if you have a lot of waiting time in Cebu, you can go to a small outlet village just 20 minutes drive from the airport. There are small outlet stores of Nike, Rebook and many more brands. It’s here:

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There is a boat connection between Mindanao and Siargao. But in general, taking a boat or ferry in the Philippines is not recommended due to the low security standards. Taking a flight is way faster and safer. 

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Don’t waste your time in paradise and get the complete guide about Siargao, my favorite island in the Philippines, including insider tips here

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