Best yoga place in Siargao in the Philippines – update 2023!

We were 2 times in Siargao in the Philippines already and I tried various yoga places – there is one clear winner and best yoga place.

And this is: Lotus Shores Siargao. This place was set up as a yoga retreat, tucked in a green & spacious palm tree garden and far away from any noise or the main street. 

UPDATE 2023: Typhoon Odette destroyed many parts of the island in December 2021, amongst others also this beautiful and peaceful yoga place. Lotus Shores Siargao has opened again now in the end of 2022 offering yoga classes, but no accommodation currently!

Why is Lotus Shores the best yoga place in Siargao?

Just when entering the place I could feel that it is somehow special already. It felt very peaceful, there was the smell of incense sticks in the air and the Om-Symbol greeting at the big wooden gate. Just when we entered the gate a smiling lady greeted us, bending her head down, folded hands in front of her heart „Namasté“ with her soft and pleasant voice. Immediately we felt a very warm welcome – as if we have been at this place before and know each other. 

Best yoga place in Siargao: Lotus Shores Siargao

Lotus Shores Siargao has a big and very pretty open Yoga Shala to practice. In addition, they have a pool and either little huts or a dorm to sleep. There is also a small restaurant and common area which is very cozy and invites to relax there or meet new people before or after the yoga class. And what is also great: They serve vegan food.

I wish I would have known about this place before we arrived then we would have probably stayed there.

Best yoga place in Siargao: Lotus Shores Siargao

Yoga offer of Lotus Shores Siargao

They offer various yoga classes, meditation, and yoga Nidra guided by different teachers. Find the schedule here:

You can just walk in and join the yoga class. No reservation needed. A class costed 400 pesos (around 6-7 Euros) which is totally cheap and worth it.

Best yoga place in Siargao: Lotus Shores Siargao
Best yoga place in Siargao: Lotus Shores Siargao

Facilities of Lotus Shores Siargao

Besides the big and spacious garden where Lotus Shores is placed, there is a café which also serves Vegan food, a Yoga Shala, a pool and various options to stay:

  • Villa
  • Private double room
  • spacious shared room (dorm)

Further places in General Luna which offer yoga

Of course, there are other places offering yoga, but no real other yoga retreats or places specialized in Yoga. The second best place is probably Buddha’s Surf Resort. They also offer yoga classes and have a  small yoga deck above their restaurant.

Besides Buddha’s there are some more mid-range accommodations offering yoga, like Kawili Resort. But I often experienced that classes didn’t take place in these (not in yoga  specialized) accommodation due to lack of participants.

Further places in Siargao offering yoga

We saw signs at Pacifico Beach offering yoga but didn’t join there. Besides in General Luna and Pacifico beach, there are no yoga classes offered on the island.

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