The most beautiful easy hikes in Switzerland – panoramic hikes at their best!

Eine Frau, die in einer Wiese mit gelben Blumen liegt, und auf den Oeschinensee blickt.

Overview of most beautiful easy hikes in Switzerland:

1. 5-Lakes Hike in Zermatt, Valais
2. Crystal Trail in Zermatt, Valais
3. Hike to Lake Oeschinen in Kandersteg, Bern
4. Hike to Engstlingenalp from Adelsboden, Bern
5. Hike to Muttseehütte via Limmerensee from Lierfehd, Glarus
6. Hike to the Saxer Lücke pass crossing, Appenzell Innerrhoden

Hiking in Switzerland was one of my absolute highlights this summer. That’s why I’ve put together the most beautiful easy hikes in Switzerland for you in this article. There are some breathtaking panoramic hikes, but also mountain hikes and easy walking tours – so there is definitely a suitable hike in Switzerland for everyone. Different parts of Switzerland are also covered for hiking, from hiking trails in Valais, hiking in Bern and of course the famous 5-lake hike in Zermatt, as well as a hike at Lake Oeschinen above Kandersteg, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

1. 5-lake hike from Zermatt in the canton of Valais.

Duration: 3 hours (by train)
Metres in altitude: approx. 500
Starting point: Blauherd (2’571 m) / Sunnegga (2’288 m)
Length: 9.8 km

Everyone knows the famous landmark of Switzerland, the iconic pointed rock that is even depicted on a chocolate wrapper: the Matterhorn. The Matterhorn is one of the highest mountains in the Alps at 4478 metres. That’s why the climb is reserved for absolute professionals and climbers only. But that doesn’t mean that everyone can’t enjoy the Matterhorn. The 5-lakes hike in Switzerland, which starts in Zermatt, is a wonderful panoramic circular route that is an easy hike but offers an unobstructed view of the Matterhorn almost throughout the whole hike – what more could you want?!

Conclusion: absolutely deservedly, this hike is one of the most beautiful easy hikes in Switzerland!

You can find all the details about the 5 Lakes Hike in Switzerland in this blog article of mine:

And a detailed description of the hike can be found here:

2. Crystal Trail (Kristallweg) from Zermatt in the canton of Valais

Duration: 2 hours (by train)
Metres in altitude: approx. 300
Starting point: Blauherd (2’571 m) / Rothorn (3’103 m)
Length: 5.4 km

Since the Matterhorn has a very special attraction for every hiker, another hiking trail in the Valais has made it into the list of the most beautiful easy hikes in Switzerland, namely the Crystal trail or Kristallweg in German. 

This hike also includes a ride on the train from Zermatt up to Blauherd or Rothorn. If you want a more challenging hike, you can also start hiking from Zermatt, but this adds several hours.

The Kristallweg is one of the most beautiful panoramic hikes in Switzerland and, like the 5-lake hike, guarantees breathtaking views of the Matterhorn. You pass the Berghaus Fluhalp, where you can also stop for a bite to eat. The highlight of the Crystal Trail in Valais is Lake Stelli, in which the Matterhorn is reflected in awe. 

Conclusion: The two highlights, the Matterhorn and Stellisee, make this hike unique – don’t miss it if you’re in the Valais!

A detailed description of the Crystal Trail, one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the Valais, can be found here:

3. Hike to Lake Oeschinen above Kandersteg in the canton of Bern

Duration: 3 hours (circular route)
Metres in altitude: approx. 150
Starting point: Oeschinensee gondola mountain station
Length: approx. 7 km

One of the most beautiful easy hikes in the Swiss canton of Bern is the hike to Lake Oeschinen. There are numerous hiking trails around Lake Oeschinen. This is a mountain hike that requires a little surefootedness and good footwear, but is otherwise doable by anyone, as the difference in altitude is very small.

The round hike at Lake Oeschinen is very popular, so it’s best to start as early as possible. To get to the starting point of this hike, first take the gondola from Kandersteg up to Lake Oeschinen. From there, follow trail no. 8, which leads along the north-western shore of the lake along a high-altitude path that offers breathtaking views of the lake throughout the hike – a great panoramic Swiss hike! At the end of the north shore, the circular trail leads down to the lake, past a hut where you can stop for a bite to eat, and now leads below the original path back to the starting point of the hike.

Here you can stop for a swim on a hot summer day or stop for a drink on the lakeshore as a cosy finale. 

Conclusion: What a panoramic hike – no wonder this is one of the most visited hikes in Switzerland. But it’s still worth it.

You can find a detailed route description of this wonderful hike in the Katon Bern here:

You can find more hiking trails at Lake Oeschinen in Bern here: 

4. Hike to Engstlingenalp from Adelsboden in the canton of Bern

Wasser, das tosend die Engstlingenfälle hinabschießt.

Duration: 5 hours (ascent and descent)
Metres in altitude: 730 m
Starting point: Adelboden town centre
Length:7.5 km

Another hike in the Swiss canton of Bern that is particularly beautiful in spring is the hike to Engstlingenalp. Even the journey to Adelsboden is unique; through the lush green valley, a sea of wildflowers and awe-inspiring snow-capped peaks breathing down your neck, you slowly approach the small village of Adelsboden, which nestles very close to the mountain. 

The hike first leads through the village, along the small Engslingen stream. This part of the hike is flat but very idyllic and is also suitable as a walk without hiking up to Engstlingenalp itself. The small path, which always leads along the stream, ends at the cable car „Unter dem Birg“, which also brings you up to the alp. 

If you want to shorten the hike, you can also drive directly to the Unter dem Birg station by car and start there.

We don’t take the cable car to the alp, but the path towards the Engstlingen Falls, the second highest waterfall in Switzerland. A hike just to the waterfalls, without going further up to the alp is also very worthwhile and especially suitable for families, as it is very entertaining.

Especially in spring, when the snowmelt is still in full swing, the water of the waterfall whips harshly into your face from just a few metres away. You can literally feel the force of nature here and the place is truly impressive.

Continue along the small path, which first leads through the forest up to Engstlingenalp. Once you reach the top, you have a choice of several restaurants and should definitely stop here and enjoy the unique view from the alp. 

Conclusion: What a great hike in the canton of Bern, which is far less frequented than many other hikes in Switzerland.

A detailed description of the hike to Engstlingenalp in the canton of Bern can be found here.

5. Hike to the Muttseehütte via Lake Limmeren from Tierfehd in Canton Glarus

Duration: 4.5 hours (ascent and descent)
Altitude difference: 645 m
Starting point: Tierfehd-Kalktrittli aerial cableway
Length: 5.7 km

This hike is a little more demanding than the previous ones, because with almost 600 metres of altitude difference, this definitely counts as a mountain hike in Switzerland and not a circular route. However, it can also be shortened and only taken as far as the breathtaking viewpoint over Lake Limmeren. 

The first part of the hike to Lake Limmeren is a bit monotonous and leads through the power station tunnel for about 3 kilometres. This section is often very windy – a windbreaker is useful. Now you have already arrived at the first highlight of the hike: the impressive view from the north side over the entire Limmerensee. From here the hiking trail starts steeply up to the Muttseehütte. Once you reach 2,501 metres, the landscape slowly changes and the terrain becomes more barren. From the Muttseehütte, you are rewarded with another unique view, namely the view of lake Muttsee, where is often snow until June, which makes the barren mountain landscape appear even more impressive. After refreshments at the Muttseehütte, you return the same way.

Conclusion: A beautiful mountain hike in Switzerland with two breathtaking lake views at the same time.

For a detailed description of the route from Tierfehd via Limmersee to the Muttseehütte, click here:

6. Hike to the Saxer Lücke pass crossing, Appenzell Innerrhoden

Duration: 5.5 hours (ascent and descent)
Altitude difference: 630 m
Starting point: Hohen-Kasten cable car valley station
Length: 9.4 km

The hike to the Saxer Lücke must not be omitted from the list of the most beautiful easy hikes in Switzerland, as it is particularly impressive due to the pass and offers numerous photo motifs – especially in early summer when the slopes are colourfully blooming.  This hike is also a real Swiss mountain hike with an altitude difference of about 600 metres, but it is still relatively easy and easily doable with a normal fitness level and a head for heights. 

For this hike, you first take the Hohe Kasten cable car up to 1,793 m on to the Hohe Kasten. Here the hike starts along the southern chain of the Alpstein, over the Kastensattel until you reach the Saxer Lücke. After enjoying the particularly photogenic scenery here, you descend steeply to the Berggasthof Bollenwees, where you can stop for a bite to eat. Here you have another great photo opportunity: the view of Lake Fählensee. The trail continues back to the mountain station of the Hohen-Kasten cable car. 

Conclusion: a particularly scenic mountain hike in Switzerland.

You can find a detailed description of this photogenic mountain hike in Switzerland here:

That was my list of the most beautiful easy hikes in Switzerland. There are certainly many, many more. I have tried to cover several cantons so that there is a suitable hike for everyone. However, the hikes are not too far apart, so you can combine them as a 1-week road trip through Switzerland. 

Are you missing a particular panoramic trail in Switzerland that I haven’t mentioned? Then let me know in the comments below and I’ll add it to the list of the most beautiful easy hikes in Switzerland.

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