Sylvenstein Dam in Bavaria – another stunning lake close to Munich

This is a very sad blog post and an amazing one at the same time. It is a great one because we are speaking about a wonderful natural place, just one hour from Munich which I just discovered now after living in Munich for years.  The sad part of this trip is that I broke my drone :/ It’s dead now. And I killed it. It is in the drone hospital currently but the situation isn’t looking good. I also don’t want to make it suffer. I keep you posted about its status. Anyways, here is the last shot of my drone:

But let’s speak about the sunny side of life. Sylvensteinspeicher or Sylvenstein lake or Sylvenstein dam in Bavaria – however, you want to call it – it’s a very beautiful place and a stunning lake close to Munich at every season of the year. I visited this place in winter when there was snow all over the area and it was just breathtaking. The huge bridge which is connecting the mountains and the land on the other side of the like just looks epic. Especially from above, either from a viewpoint of one of the mountains or from a drone’s perspective. In summer the water of this artificial barrier lake is turquoise blue and almost looks tropical. I will definitely plan a day-trip there from Munich in summer again.

The lake was created artificially in 1954 in order to protect the area from floodwater especially when snow from the mountains is melting in spring. Unfortunately one village had to be removed in order to create this lake.

What can you do at Sylvenstein dam in Bavaria?

1. Gazing at the beauty of nature in Bavaria

Sylvenstein Dam in Bavaria - another stunning lake close to Munich

Seriously. I was really really amazed when I arrived at this place at this stunning lake close to Munich after just one hour drive. From big city life to such a wonderful place which feels like Canada in just one hour. This trip taught me again how beautiful my home is and how worth it is to live here. (Or at least to visit Bavaria, guys!)

2. Have a walk along the lake

Sylvenstein Dam in Bavaria - another stunning lake close to Munich

Ok now a serious activity. If you are not the hiking kind of person you can still come here and just walk a bit along the lake. The view from lake level is as spectacular as the view from one of the surrounding mountains. And if you fancy a mini-hike, don’t miss the following activity.

Sylvenstein Dam in Bavaria - another stunning lake close to Munich

3. Hike to the viewpoint

Sylvenstein Dam in Bavaria - another stunning lake close to Munich

There is one viewpoint which is really easy and fast to reach, and at the same time this slightly change of altitude causes a great change of perspective and the view is very stunning. Before actually walking on the bridge, stick to the right side and you will already see the beginning of the little path which leads you to the viewpoint.

It is around here on the map:

In summer it just takes you 5 to 10 minutes to reach a quite big change of altitude and to arrive at a pretty viewpoint. In winter, depending on the amount of snow, it will take a bit longer. When I was there was a lot of snow and with every step three-quarter of my leg were sinking in the snow. You can imagine that it took me a bit more than 5 minutes to get up there, but it was still worth it, have a look:

Sylvenstein Dam in Bavaria - another stunning lake close to Munich
Sylvenstein Dam in Bavaria - another stunning lake close to Munich
Sylvenstein Dam in Bavaria - another stunning lake close to Munich

4. Hike in the mountains

Around the lake are the Karwendel mountains and therefore there are plenty of hiking options – from beginners level to demanding hikes. I didn’t do any hike in this area yet, but I will for sure during this summer. Stay tuned! 

In the meantime, you can find a good collection of hiking options on the following website.

5. Swim in the lake in summer

Sylvenstein dam in Bavaria is located only 750 meters above ground level and therefore swimming in the lake is possible however a bit chilly.

How to get to Sylvenstein Dam in Bavaria?

This place can only be reached by car easily. I’m sure it is somehow possible by public transportation, but somewhat complicated. If you don’t have a car and you are staying in Munich, you can also consider making use of various car sharing options in Munich, such as ShareNow. They are a really good alternative to renting a car, especially when you decide spontaneously to go somewhere. Cost-wise car sharing is often cheaper than renting a car as well.

Slyvenstein dam in Bavaria – this beautiful lake close to Munich – also seems the be a popular destination for motorbike drivers. I guess the winding street to get there is a biker’s paradise.

Where to park?

There are not so many parking options before the dam bridge. There is one parking lot around here:

And a very very small parking just next to the streets, where only two cars fit directly before the bridge starts on the right side. If these two parkings are occupied, you can just drive further and you’ll find more options after the bridge on both sides.

What else should you know about Sylvenstein Dam in Bavaria?

At the lake or damn directly is no restaurant, so make sure to bring some snacks for the day. But there are one or two restaurants along the street after the bridge which you can make use of. 

I hope you liked this blog post about Sylvenstein dam in Bavaria, a very very stunning lake close to Munich and I hope I could inspire you to go there? I will definitely go back there in summer and can’t wait to share more tips with you.

Sylvenstein dam in summer

In summer this place is worth a visit as well. It is completely different but just breathtaking as well. Have a look at my list about the best lakes in Munich and around and find out how Sylvenstein dam looks like in summer:

Sylvenstein Dam in Bavaria - another stunning lake close to Munich

If you have been there, and any tips for me what to do there in summer, please drop me a comment and share it with me and others!

2 thoughts on “Sylvenstein Dam in Bavaria – another stunning lake close to Munich

  1. wow finally some one came up with this blog
    i was really looking forward for this as i am travelling to this place in july
    reallhy amazing you
    keep going

    1. Thanks so much! Happy to hear! I was there last weekend again, so during spring time and it is even more wonderful. I will shate a blog post about it soon, including a hike there – in case you are interested. If you need any more information about this place, let me know and I will tackle it in my upcoming blog post as well. All the best, Maria

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