Easy hike at lake Starnberg – a wonderful spring walk

Last weekend the travel bug bit me and on Sunday late afternoon I decided that I really want to go hike RIGHT NOW – therefore I picked an easy hike at Lake Starnberg. Actually, we decided to stay at home the whole weekend, recover from a busy week, do some housework and not go anywhere after some weekends on the road. But the weather was just perfect and I almost freaked out because I felt like I needed to be in nature so badly. I really needed some silence also. There is just constant noise in big cities and I was really craving for this calmness in nature.

So I decided to take the car, go to lake Starnberg which is just a 40 minutes drive from Munich and do a little hike. And it was great. These two hours were more relaxing than a whole weekend at home could never be. It was the best decision to leave a noisy city. Besides awesome weather, I could observe spring fighting its way through. This is such a wonderful time of the year when the grey, cold days slowly become less and the fresh green pops up everywhere – not to even mention all the beautiful blooming trees.

I decided for this easy hike at Lake Starnberg. Find a detailed description by clicking here.(The link is in German, but I will describe the way in the following and you can nevertheless use the map of the route of the link mentioned above)

Summary of the hike:
Distance: 8.5 kilometers
Difference of altitude: 100 meters
Duration: 2-2.5  hours
Parking: Train station, Tutzing

The hike starts at Tutzing train station and leads you a bit through the rich town of Tutzing where many wealthy people of the area settled down. After about 20 minutes you will leave the town and hike a bit uphill following the signs to „Ilkahöhe“. The small streets lead you along green fields and are very beautiful on a sunny day.

After another 15 to 20 minutes, you will arrive „Ilkahöhe“, a plateau from where you have a great view at Lake Starnberg and the mountain panorama.

Here is a restaurant located which has a pretty terrace from where you can enjoy the view on a clear day. It is called „Forsthaus Ilkahöhe“ and I can really recommend it.

If you don’t decide to eat in this restaurant, stick to the street and stick to the right and follow the a bit smaller path. Again the way leads further through green fields and you slowly leave the plateau and the view. Now follow the path always towards „Deixelfurter See“ – a lake which you will pass soon.

There are many very little paths leading through or around the lake area. Choose the way which is most appealing to you. At the lake are some benches which invite for a break:

Now you’ve already managed more than half of the lake and you are slowly making your way back to Starnberger See and the train station in Tutzing. The way back leads you through a wealthy area of Tutzing where one villa is built next to the other and in front of most houses are at least 3 cars (one is mostly a Porsche).

As you might have noticed during my description this is really a short and easy hike at lake Starnberg and there is no big change of altitude. It perfectly serves as a bit longer walk. You could also do the hike the other way round and end it at the restaurant of „Ilkahöhe“. From my point of view it is a perfect, easy hike for a sunny Sunday with friends. 

What else should I know about this easy hike at lake Starnberg?

You don’t even need any hiking equipment. Hiking shoes are not necessary – comfortable sneakers are totally fine. But pack some water and snacks in case you don’t want to eat in the restaurant mentioned above because there are no more restaurants on the way

How to get the starting point of this hike?

You can get there by car or by train or S-Bahn from Munich as the easy hike at Starnberger See starts at the train station of Tutzing.

I hope you liked this easy hike at lake Starnberg? Let me know about your experience in the comments.

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