Light sports equipment for every travel – bye excuses!

Best light sports equipment for traveling: Tips how to stay fit on holidays

I try to keep my training routine even while travelling because I hate the feeling after a workout break when every weight seems to be way heavier than it really is. Or when you’re out of breath after the warm-up on the rower. Or when my shoulders and back are stiff from carrying a backpack. That’s why I try to keep a light training routine when I’m travelling. But also because I love to workout at the beach during sunrise or sunset or in nature – it gives me so much power and motivation.  In this post, I’d like to show you some light sports equipment which you can even take on a carry-on bag. They are light, small but still ensure a good, intense training.

Black (roll) ball

Best light sports equipment for traveling: Tips how to stay fit on holidays

I’m a big fan of black roll products and fascia workout. I discovered it the perfect supplement for me having constantly shoulder and neck pain because of sitting in the office days after days. I use the black roll to warm up my muscles before doing yoga, after a workout in order to enhance the relaxation of my muscles and reduce muscle pain the next day. Even for massage purposes especially for your shoulders, neck and back serve the little black roll ball. The first thing I do after a long flight in the hotel room is leaning against the black roll ball against a wall and massage my tight shoulders, carefully my neck and all the way down to my lower back. The black roll ball basically massages your fascia. Fascia resembles a thin skin which holds all your muscles together. This skin can become tight and stiff after a while when not moving enough. Then the fascia sticks together make you feel tight and even can cause pain. When rolling your fascia over the ball or the roll you enhance the production of hyaluronan within your fascia which makes your muscle more flexible again and releases pain.

Another tip is to massage the pinky side of your feet with the small black roll ball (a golf ball would be even better because it is harder). Why the hell should you do that? Because all the fascia ends in there and it might be the reason for other stiff parts of your body. Try it out, I’m sure it will feel good for you. In general, the following rule counts: If you roll any part of the body over the black roll or ball and it hurts it means your fascia at that part is stiff. Already rolling this part of the body 15 to 20 times regularly helps to release hyaluronan and make your muscles more flexible.

Mini bands

Best light sports equipment for traveling: Tips how to stay fit on holidays

Did you know how Jennifer Laurence got fit her superhero shape for X-Man in just 3 months? Mini-bands! A very underrated but highly effective tool and perfect for travelling as they belong to the most light sports equipment I know. They even fit in your purse. Normally I prefer free weights, ropes, kettlebells or bars for my workout in the gym. But training with mini bands is sometimes even more exhausting and at least just as effective as the first mentioned options. It always surprises me how much muscle pain mini bands can cause the day after.

Flex band

Best light sports equipment for traveling: Tips how to stay fit on holidays

This is especially for the yogis out there or for stretching, for instance after skiing or hiking. I prefer it over a yoga belt because the flexible rubber material intensifies the stretch more and your stretching becomes really deep even without having to use a lot of strength or to force yourself into any stretch.

Terra band

Best light sports equipment for traveling: Tips how to stay fit on holidays

While many of you might know it from your physiotherapist a terra band does not only serve the purpose of curing injuries. You can do an intense workout using it and it is a bit lighter and smaller in your luggage than the flex band. Plus it is a very light sports equipment.

Water bottles

And the last and easiest tool are two 1.5 litre water bottles out of plastic. You don’t even need to bring them in your luggage, you can just buy it everywhere in the world. They serve as normal dumbbell and intensify your HIIT training on travels.

Just try it out on your next travel and take one of these light sports equipment. And use it of course 😉

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