Hike to Schrecksee – one of the most stunning and most exhausting ones of Bavaria

The hike to the mystical turquoise lake Schrecksee, tucked in almost surreal, green hills has been dragging the attention of many hikers and international visitors. What adds up to this picturesque view is the island in the middle of the lake. Without doubt this mountain lake in 1813 meters of altitude is a real gem of the Bavarian Alps in the region of Allgäu.

The hike up there is quiet exhausting and should only be done by experienced hikers because the hike starts very steep, continues mostly steep and ends steep. During my hike, I’ve seen many

Summary of the hike to Schrecksee

Destination: Lake Schreck (or Schrecksee in German) (1428 meters)
Distance: approx. 17 kilometers
Difference in altitude: approx. 1140 meters
Duration: 7 hours (3.5 up; 3.5 down)
Parking: The hike starts at the parking lot „Auf der Höh“ in Bad Hindelang, you can find the exact location here in Google maps.
Description of the hike: https://www.outdooractive.com/de/route/wanderung/allgaeu/von-hinterstein-zum-schrecksee/1403220/#gref (It is in German, but you can just use the translate feature of Google Chrome)

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Detailed description of the hike to Schrecksee

Most people take the bus from the parking lot „Auf der Höh“ to the beginning of the hike at the bus station „Auele“ at the electric power station. However, you can also consider walking through the beautiful valley as well. This can be very scenic in the early morning mist. If you consider walking follow the hiking path towards Southwest through fields and crossing a little river in the direction of Hinterbachhof.

The bus from the parking lot leaves more or less every 30 minutes and is privately owned. You’ll shorten the hike by 10 kilometers and save your energy for the really exhausting part of the hike. 

The hiking trail starts on the other side of the street of bus station „Aurele“. You can’t miss it. It immediately starts very steeply and I was so happy that I carried my hiking sticks. Usually, I do not use them much, but they are very beneficial during this hike. The beginning is more like a pebble path, a bit loose with big rocks. So you need to focus on every step from the beginning on.

The first 1 or 1.5 hours are very exhausting and the experienced and not experienced hikers split up quickly. After getting over this exhausting beginning you will have some hundred meters of a moderate little trail that leads through a little bit flatter part till the second steep pebble path that leads all the way up to lake Schreck in serpentines. If you start your hike too late, this last steep part of around 1.5 hours will be in the hot sun of midday. Therefore it is recommended to start the hike as early as possible during the summer months.

Once you’ve arrived at the lake, you will quickly forget the long and exhausting hike. Around the lake is plenty of space to settle down, rest and enjoy the scenery. It’s also worth it to walk a bit more up 

Is there a restaurant at Schrecksee?

Be aware that there is no restaurants or possibility to buy drinks or snacks during the whole hike and at lake Schreck.

Can you stay overnight at lake Schreck?

You can’t stay over night at Schrecksee. There is no possibility and camping is not allowed.

When is the best time to do the hike?

The best time to do the hike to lake Schreck is July and August, because you will be able to even have a swim in the lake on a hot summer day. However in these months you should start the hike early, because later in the day there will be sun on most of the hiking trail. 

hike Schrecksee swimming

Therefore if you enjoy a pleasant hike rather then swimming in the lake, June or September might your preferred option. 

Where to park for your hike to Schrecksee?

You have to park at the parking lot „Auf der Höh“ in Bad Hindelang. This is the exact location on the map:

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What to bring to you hike at Schrecksee?

The things you must bring are hiking boots, hiking sticks (believe me you will thank me on the way down on the pebble path), lots of water and snacks.

Where to stay overnight at Schrecksee?

There is no possibility to stay overnight at the lake itself. If you want to stay overnight closeby the starting point of the hike, then the charming village of Hinterstein is the closest choice (and where the bus for the hike leaves). 

If you prefer a bit more infrastructure than Oberjoch that is located a bit higher or Sonthofen might be your options.

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I’m sure you will enjoy this hike! If you are fit and an experienced hiker it is totally manageable and you will be rewarded on top! Have fun and let me know how it was!

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