Best hikes in Austria – my favourite ones

If you know my blog, you know that I love hiking and in this post, I will show you the best hikes in Austria which I’ve done during this year. I live in Munich and therefore all hikes are easily reachable and doable from the area of Munich in one day.

I usually choose my hikes according to the view from the top. The areal of the peak and the view is my motivation to go for it and my reward when I made it to the top. Of course, this is not the only driver. I enjoy being in nature every second, it represents my balance to everyday life, it clears my head, I helps me to drop off all the stress (I mostly put on myself by wanting to do everything immediately and at the same time), it calmed me down, and I could continue this list forever.

So let’s get started with the best hikes in Austria!

Best hikes in Austria: Schlegeis-Stausee (hike to Olpererhütte)

The winner of the best hikes in Austria and definitely the most spectacular one this year. To Olpererhütte (2364 meters above sea level) at this beautiful barrier lake and the absolute highlight was the suspension bridge. The hike itself is less long and exhausting than you think. It takes only around 1.5 – 2 hours to the restaurant and just when you pass the restaurant and walk a few hundred meters more you will arrive at the suspension bridge.

The restaurant is a really good one also. The food is above the usual quality of mountain restaurants in Austria. I recommend ordering „Kaiserschmarn“ an Austrian sweet speciality, a bit like pancakes.

Summary of the hike:
Distance: 5.7 kilometres
Difference in altitude: 507 meters
Duration: 3-4 hours
Parking: Dornauberg 118, 6295 Dornauberg, Austria

You can find all the details of this hike in my blog post about it: 

And some more impressions of the hike here:

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Best hikes in Austria: Hike to the viewpoint of Lake Plansee

This hike is an unofficial hike and therefore I love it. On that day, a Wednesday in autumn, I was literally all alone on this hike, I didn’t meet anybody during my hike. I had some holidays left and decided to go on do this hike, which I had on my list for a long time. Why not hiking alone? Sometimes I really enjoy to do things on my own and sort out all my thoughts and feelings.

This hike is, like the previous one, a short one. You can extend it, but due to some storm coming up, I was choosing the same route back after I arrived at this amazing viewpoint. I really wanted to avoid being alone in the mountains during a storm.

Summary of the hike:
Distance: approx. 6 kilometres
Difference in altitude: approx. 400 meters
Duration: 3 hours
Parking: Park at the parking lot next to the street at Camping Plansee. Address: Am Plansee, 6600 Breitenwang, Austria

Find all information about this hike, as well as a very detailed description of how to find this secret hike and viewpoint in my detailed blog post about it:

And some first impressions here:

I hope you like my list of the best hikes in Austria? What is your favourite hike and should be included in this list of the best hikes in Austria? Let me and others know in the comments and benefit from your tips!

My further favorite hikes of this year were in Bavaria, the South of Germany, in the area of Garmisch-Patenkirchen, at Lek Tegernsee at Lake Königssee. Read about my favourite hikes in Bavaria in this blog post: 

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