How to get to this spectacular suspension bridge in Austria

This spectacular picture was taken during a quite easy hike in Austria, more in detail, in the Zillertal area. This bridge is located high above Lake Schlegeis (or Schlegeisstausee), a barrier lake which is 1800 meters above sea level. You will reach this stunning bridge and this spectacular view when hiking to Olpererhütte (2364 meters above sea level). And what was so surprising for me: The hike is quite short and easy and even hiking beginners or families can easily do it. After hiking around 1.5 – 2 hours you will reach a restaurant called “Olpererhütte”. Now you just need to pass the restaurant and follow the path few hundred meters more and you’ll arrive at this stunning suspension bridge. In this blog post, I will give you all the information you need for a trip to this spectacular suspension bridge in Austria.

Summary of the hike to the spectacular suspension bridge in Austria:
Distance: 5.7 kilometres
Difference in altitude: 507 meters
Duration: 3-4 hours
Parking: Dornauberg 118, 6295 Dornauberg, Austria

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Description of the hike:

The best way to get to the spectacular suspension bridge in Austria is by car. You can park at an official little parking lot (Dornauberg 118, 6295 Dornauberg, Austria) just next to the street and on the other side of the street, the hike starts. There are various hiking trails of different length and difficulty levels leading to “Olpererhütte”. We took the shortest one and direct one to Olpererhütte (just follow the signs directly to “Olpererhütte”).

The route we chose was very scenic. The first few minutes lead through a path in the forest and after that you’ll have an amazing view and panorama during the whole hike, always looking at the spectacular barrier lake. Look yourself:

Spectacular suspension bridge in Austria: Hike to Olpererhütte at Lake Schlegeis
Spectacular suspension bridge in Austria: Hike to Olpererhütte at Lake Schlegeis

You will pass a little waterfall and the view is becoming more and more spectacular. At one point we reached the mountain pasture and found a little stream which is facing the whole barrier lake and was a perfect pictures spot.

Spectacular suspension bridge in Austria: Hike to Olpererhütte at Lake Schlegeis
Spectacular suspension bridge in Austria: Hike to Olpererhütte at Lake Schlegeis

From there it took us another 15 minutes to the restaurant Olpererhütte. Before having lunch there we wanted to explore this amazing suspension bridge we know from pictures. Just pass the restaurant and stick to the right and after a few hundred meters you will reach this spectacular suspension bridge in Austria. We took some pictures here and enjoyed the view.

Spectacular suspension bridge in Austria: Hike to Olpererhütte at Lake Schlegeis

(Pssssst: I tell you a little secret: the bridge is not as spectacular as it looks. On pictures, it looks as if it is hanging high above the lake. But actually, it is „just“ hanging above a dried out stream bed. Nevertheless, the view at this place is fantastic and worth it the hike and a stop there.)

Spectacular suspension bridge in Austria: Hike to Olpererhütte at Lake Schlegeis

Now you can choose if you want to do a longer hike and continue to do one of the roundtrips which go furhter along the lake. We decided only for a short hike and therefore we took the same way back as from where we came from. 

Where to eat:

The goal of this hike is Olpererhütte, which is a restaurant with really good food. It is above the usual quality of mountain restaurants in Austria. I recommend ordering „Kaiserschmarn“, an Austrian sweet speciality, a bit like pancakes. Super delicious, I promise!

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How to get to the spectacular suspension bridge in Austria:

Drive by car to Ginzling in the Zillertal area (close to Mayrhofen). Then a toll road (Schlegeis Alpine Raod) which requires a fee leads you through a unique panorama high above into the mountains.

Be aware that the toll road is only open from June to October. From November to May you can’t access the road and there is no other way to get to the beginning of this hike.

On your way on the toll road, there are two barriers that regulate the traffic and it might happen that you have to wait a couple of minutes up to half an hour before you can continue driving.

Where to park:

You can park at an official little parking lot on the left side of the street, just next to the lake, close to where the hike starts. This is the address: Dornauberg 118, 6295 Dornauberg, Austria

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Further information & a more detailed description of the hike:,schlegeis-stausee–olperer-huette/(German) (English; you don’t have to do the whole hike as described in this link, you can follow the description to Olpererhütte and then take the same way back to the parking lot).

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I hope you like this post about the spectacular suspension bridge in Austria? Do you know more of these super epic places? Then drop me a comment. This kind of destination is my all-time favorite.

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12 thoughts on “How to get to this spectacular suspension bridge in Austria

  1. Hi, may I know how to take public transport (bus) to the suspension bridge? Stay which area is good? Thanks

    1. Hi Belinda, there is no public transportation going there unfortunately. It might be that there are some local buses when you are staying in the area, but I’m not aware of any, because it is only reachable by toll road (to charge). Directly at the mountain is no place to stay. The best is to stay in Mayrhofen in the Zillertal area. From there it is a 40 minutes drive my car to the beginning of the hike. Maybe your hotel in Mayrhofen can organize a transport to the hike? Hope you will make it to the hike, it is so beautiful

  2. Very amazing! Loved the pictures and details.
    Do you think it would be possible to hike up to the restaurant with my 4 year old daughter? Or would that be too difficult for her?

    1. Hi Neeraj, the hike itself is not difficult. But I’m not sure if a 4 year ild could make all the way because one way the hike took us 1.5 – 2 hours. If you are up to carry her for a bit I think you will manage 😉

      1. Are there any affordable accommodations that organize free hiking tours in Zillertal? I’ve done so much research but can’t seem to find any

        1. Hi, I’m not sure because we went there just for a day trip from Munich. Normally I would recommend to stay in Mayrhofen in Zillertal but this is an expensive area to stay in general. Normally you don’t need a guide for a normal hiking tour. The signs along the hiking paths are very well and as long as you have a description of the hike which you want to do, this is all you need. If you really want a guide, you could approach the tourism office of Zillertal or Mayrhofen. Hope that helps you a bit? BR, Maria

  3. Hi, thank you very much for this detailed introduction!

    I’m actually planning a trip to this bridge in March 2020, your introduction is really helpful!

    What confuses me a little is that you mentioned you went there in March 2019, but when driving by car the road only opens between June and October? What is the best way to get there in March? Still drivable?

    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Kidd, see the other comments. Officially it opens in June. However depending on the weather it might open earlier. But this will only be announced in March / April. If this street is closed you can’t get there. So if you want to ne sure that you can actually go, you should plan your trip in June. Hope that helps?

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